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  • How to reduce severe and recurrent inflammation in eyes?

    Hello everyone! I'm a young 23-year-old female with severe dry eyes. I am diagnosed with SLK (Superior limbic keratoconjunctivitis) and MDG. This all started 6 months ago in Feb. Since April, I have tried 5 IPLs, Lipiflow, restatsis, PRP drops (gave more inflammation), Plugs (increased inflammation),...
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  • How I Found Relief In My Severe Dry Eye Symptoms

    Thanks for accepting me into this wonderful forum!

    I was wanting to share with you my experience with severe dry eyes, MGD, blepharitis, and mucus fishing syndrome. I lived with these symptoms for 5 years, but with dedication, and consistency, found everyday relief. It wasn't until about...
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  • dryeye123
    started a topic Multiple rounds of IPL

    Multiple rounds of IPL

    Hi all,
    I know every patient is different. However, I've been getting IPL with expression done. Had 4 sessions done with really minimal improvement. My ophthalmologist is recommending more treatments, but of course -- as you all know -- it is very expensive. Has anyone had success with multiple...
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  • OSDI 78 -> 25 in about a year: what worked and what didn't

    This will be a long post. I posted it on as well-- check it out there if you want more bite-size pieces.


    Caucasian Male in my 20s in the USA with MGD, ocular rosacea, and mild blepharitis. No obvious cause. Started with severe...
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  • valleygirl1961
    started a topic IPL Testimonial

    IPL Testimonial

    I have MGD and Ocular Rosacea. IPL worked for me after ONE treatment. But sometimes it takes several treatments. Here's an interesting video:

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  • epicjinx
    started a topic 3rd IPL

    3rd IPL

    Been a while, just thought I'd post. 3rd IPL has worked extremely well, so recently had it on Friday of last week. All of my oil glands are producing nice oil, no blockage or bad oil. It's going how it should be. I asked about relief and i was told I should get some as the weeks go in (assuming itll...
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  • epicjinx
    started a topic First IPL

    First IPL

    Went to my appointment discussed about how i may need to rearrange next appointment due to work, but got told it's okay to rearrange if needed for IPL as work comes first. So it was werid i flinched the first 5 hits of IPL on my right eye but didn't flinch much on my left eye. I have grade 2 mgd, and...
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  • epicjinx
    started a topic First IPL booked for next week

    First IPL booked for next week

    I'm excited, and nervous as this is another thing ill be trying out. Currently on a new allergy drop and will take a month to help only been on it for 6 days so far. But as of next week: I have my first IPL session, first part of it is remeasuring my tear evaporation, volume, and looking at my meibomian...
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  • epicjinx
    started a topic Finally can try IPL

    Finally can try IPL

    Emailed my optician about when is the earliest I can get IPL, no responce as of yet but I also asked if allergies would lessen effect of IPL as I'm not sure if my new allergy eye drops (ketofall) are helping. It seems that once allergy is under control and still using fish oil im just a bit off what...
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  • epicjinx
    started a topic Starting work soon?

    Starting work soon?

    So, ive finally heard from work going to a meeting on the 30th, im really nervous due to it being team member/host, aswell as managing my dry eye... ive never told an employer of my dry eyes, as i was hoping to get enough money and go for ipl to see if it helps, i know these treatments dont take long...
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  • epicjinx
    started a topic Anyone had success with IPL?

    Anyone had success with IPL?

    I'm just curious to who has had some success with IPL? As im going to try it soon enough when i get enough money, just wondering has ipl helped you? Does anyone know, if allergies would counter IPL's effects of helping the oil glands work better? I'm a bit nervous to go for it, but i have half the funds...
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  • epicjinx
    started a topic Ipl in scotland?

    Ipl in scotland?

    Does anyone know if there is IPL in scotland and if it's affordable? Ipl is the only thing I haven't tried yet. Maintaining the disease with fish oil, allergy eye drops, warm compress and hypotonic drops.
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  • JenessaP
    started a topic Feeling Discouraged..

    Feeling Discouraged..

    In my 3 year battle with dry eye I have found this site so encouraging when I felt really down and alone in this mess. I have always been reading other people’s stories trying to relate them to my journey and learn what has helped/ not helped but I feel that it’s time I post my own.

    I am...
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  • IPL — scared of permanent damage

    Hi everyone!

    I had my first IPL treatment approximately 1 month ago with an ophthalmologist. The Dr used corneal shields. After the treatment my vision was a bit blurry when I looked into the distance. This side effect lasted about an hour. I do not know whether light or some ointment that...
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  • KeithM
    started a topic MGD from Accutane

    MGD from Accutane

    Hello. I first want to thank Rebecca for this site. I am long term reader of the forum posts, and first time contributor. Over the years, the feedback from the contributors has been a great source of comfort. Considering my increasingly worse dry eye situation in the past year, I wanted to share...
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