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Amniotic membrane problem on a post-LASIK eye

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  • Amniotic membrane problem on a post-LASIK eye

    I had LASIK 9yrs ago and ended up with visual distortions, corneal neuralgia and dry eye (aqueous and MGD). All things are worse in my left eye which had 2 LASIK surgeries. I have had the MGD treated with IPL and have been using serum eyedrops for the past four years for the nerve pain and aqueous dryness, but the serum eyedrops aren't fixing the issue.

    Recently have been trying to use an amniotic membrane to treat my dry eye and corneal nerve pain on my left eye. It has not been able to stay on my eye under the bandage contact lens for more than 30mins. I am told this is due to LASIK making my cornea so flat. I have now gone through 3 amniotic membranes. This is what has been tried;

    1) Normal bandage contact 2) Much tighter normal bandage contact 3) Large (so also sits a little on sclera) reverse curve (so its flat at the back not domed) contact lens.

    Has anyone else ever encountered this issue and if so, what was done to solve it? I can't use Prokera as that's not available in my country. The only other option I have is to have a thicker membrane stitched in but I am not sure how well I would respond to a more invasive method.