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stye x

  • Styes BOTH eyes. 1+ year. Help me :( please. hopeless. look like a monster.

    Hi all,

    I have never been more depressed in my life due to my styes. They itch, are painful, sting. I have had 2 styes on both of eyes for over 1 year. They always vary in size. Some months one looks almost gone. Then the next month it's sprung up and red and angry. Typically one eye...
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  • [Chalazion, Stye, Blepharitis] My story

    Hi guys,

    My name is Daniel, I am 22 years old and I think I have multiple chalazia under my right eye. The reason why I say 'I think' is because still after one and a half years of researching and going to several doctors, I have gotten mixed and vague answers which were not really helpful....
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  • jeffsbaker
    started a topic Swollen eylid blepharitis stye

    Swollen eylid blepharitis stye

    I'd like to express my appreciation for this forum. It gives me hope that I can one day overcome this problem and it lets me know that I'm not alone with it.

    I have suffered with what seems to be blepharitis for about 2 years now, since January 2011. It keeps coming back even worse than...
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