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is alpha hydroxy acid safe to use on the face--does it harm mgd or cause it?

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  • is alpha hydroxy acid safe to use on the face--does it harm mgd or cause it?

    after reading the latest blog about retin a being bad-i am a little scared as i have used it for about 7-8 years--years before i got dry eye but i was diagnosed with sjogrens about 8 years before i used retin a-so who knows if my mgd is just from sjogrens..

    anyway. i have been searching online as to what else i could use for my skin besides retin a... would a glycolic acid be ok like alpha hydroxy acid??? i cant find anything about it related to mgd...thanks in advance to anybody who can help!

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    As long as its going on the outside and not into your stomach or mouth then retin a gel is fine and so is the glycolic or aha products etc... but avoid the eye area or anywhere sensitive as they make the skin peel and use sunscreen.


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      Funny you should bring this topic up because I have just wondered recently if I should stop using Alpha Hydroxy Acid lotion due to my eye situation. I mainly use it on my hands, but I am wondering if any of it could somehow be absorbed systemically--and if the AHA is too "harsh", that maybe it could exacerbate inflammation in the eye? Does anyone know if this is a realistic concern? I love my lotion, but do not want take a chance that it could further irritate my eyes.

      P.S. I've always wondered where lotion "goes" after you put it on, so this is one reason why I'm concerned.