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Fatigue. Do you have?

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  • Fatigue. Do you have?

    I know there is another interesting thread on this issue:

    but I would like to open another one.

    My dry eyes onset was 16 months ago. I have fatigue. Its onset was more o less 8 months ago. At the begining I thought it was a kind of outcome from the stress related to the dry eyes condition.

    I'm doing blood test for Sjorgrens and all are coming negative. I have read that the fatigue associated to Sjogrens is due to chronic inflamation. It makes sense to me. The kind of fatigue I feel is like a lighter version of the fatigue we have when we have fever or the throat inflammed in a flu.

    I would like to know if other people with dry eyes have this (or other) kind of chronic fatigue, and if they have diagnostic of Sjogrens or other autoimmune disease.

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    Hi Bakunin,
    I am only positive for RA factor, with plenty of inflammation. Where is the inflammation? I have no idea, but have tested off the chart for it twice in two years. I do not have RA or Sjorgen's. These awful dry eyes do wear us out, but I too have felt terribly fatigued and continued to feel more so over a three year period. I talked about it here:

    The link you gave is a good one, and odydnas gave us this link:
    The recommendations given are pretty much what I am doing now. I do think stress and autoimmune problems are all part of the package. My mother once said the body is just one big sack of chemicals. How true. The best of all worlds is when the body is able to repair itself. I am doing everything I can do make this happen, and waiting. Still waiting. Allergy testing is next, and actually, that is more autoimmune stuff. Good luck, bakunin.


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      Dear Bakunin & LaDiva-
      I've had blood tests for sjogrens and thyroid- both negative, but I think it was a post here somewhere that talked about the development of a new test for secondary sjorgen's that is supposed to be available this year. I wish I could be more specific-if I find it I'll post the info. I want to ask my primary about doing blood work again as I'm so tired all the time that I'm convinced there's some other factor in play here.


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        Hi LaDiva and bunnyrabit,

        thanks for your replies,

        LaDiva, like you i'm trying to help my body to heal itself. I found a very kind and good vegan nutritionist that is helping me. Let's see what happens...

        bunnyrabit, my fatigue tells me that there is something more than just a problem in my eyes.. even if blodd tests for autoimunne diseases are negative.

        I will start to take 10.000 UI of Vitamin D3 each day. There are researches and doctors who support the treatment of autoimmune diseases taking bascically vitamin D3 (but stay tunned with the calcium in your blood, more vitamin D rises the calcium in your body).


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          Hi- regarding dry eyes, mine started on Jan .21, 2000 with Lasik. I immediately (within a few weeks) wondered what I had happen to me. Well, many years, drs, travels, humongous $$$$$ -I still had the burning dry eye problems and also declining vision from the Lasik. I retired at the end of 2005 because my eyes were so bad I was making all sorts of mistakes on my work.

          I kept trying to find "help" for my eyes that never came. I had several pair of lens including the Boston Lens. Cannot wear because of damage to left eye during the correction. Sorry-I got carried away--Sjogrens was diagnosed in 2007. I was getting ill, losing feeling in my arms and legs and a host of problems. You may have a problem getting diagnosed. One local dr told me there was nothing wrong with me. Within two weeks, I was sent to U of MI where they ran proper bloodwork and I was actually positive. I am on a therapeutic dose of several meds and am only doing ok. I am taking PT now as I am having trouble walking and they can't find a reason.

          If you are sick with Sjogren like symptoms try and find a doc that will treat you anyhow, to at least see if it helps. If not, then you stop that and try something else. Check out this
          Don't trust any refractive surgeon with YOUR eyes.

          The Dry Eye Queen