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  • Sjogren's research breakthrough

    Is there a folder for Sjogren's Syndrome on DEZ? Anyway, here is some good news:

    RESEARCH BREAKTHROUGH: The SSF is excited to share that a research team led by scientists at the OMRF (including Dr. Kathy Sivils, 2011 SSF Research Grant Recipient, and Dr. Christopher Lessard, 2013 SSF Research Grant Recipient), have identified six new Sjögren’s genes!

    “I can’t begin to explain how much of a difference the SSF grant made to this work. Allowing us to genotype additional cases made all the difference in the quality of the science and successful mapping of the genes described in this paper... and this is just a milestone in the beginning of our journey to understand the genetic causes of Sjögren’s.” said Dr. Sivils. Read more:

    It’s because of your generous support that the SSF is able to award grants to talented researchers, like Dr. Sivils and Dr. Lessard, who bring novel approaches to Sjögren’s research. If you’d like to donate to the SSF Research Program, click here:

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    23 and Me collects data regarding Sjorgen's and Lupus as well as a host of other physical ailments. One can submit a DNA sample and receive health feedback and risk levels based on DNA data. I don't know that they are necessarily trying to find cures, but it is an interesting tool, and they are playing a part in collecting data.


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      Thanks for the information LaDiva. Many of us didn't know that since the only test so far is an anti-body test for Sjogren's. Many who have Sjogren's show negative anti-bodies, so it's not a very reliable test. Please do share more information.


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        I would suggest just Googling 23 and Me. There is more information there. You can use the results as health indicators, or for family research. (Genealogy.) The results won't tell you that you have a disease, but will estimate the probability of your having various health issues, or not. It was spot on for my mother, who is 95 and whose health issues are now fully known.


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          thanks so much for never hear about researchon it.. very nice. i plan to google 23 and me..thanks


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            You are welcome Karen.


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              Thanks so much for the much needed information La Diva. I will google 23 and me too


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                Welcome, Dryeye!