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Has anyone hear of corneal bandages?

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  • Has anyone hear of corneal bandages?

    I was at the doctor yesterday and he put contacts back in my eyes no precription. He said it would keep the cornea from drying out so fast. He said you wear them for a week and even sleep with them. He said there is a 1 and 10,000 chance to get an infection under the cornea. That scared me! Not sure what to do or if anyone else has tried this. It bothers me from time to time and sleep is even worst. I have all 4 ducts plugged and have ok tear flow but my eyes still dry out quick and I have pain so that is why he did this. He said next would be scarela lens. Any suggestions? Does anyone like the scarela lens?They are sooo expensive. He said they make them right there where I went.


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    Yes, I have heard of "bandage contact lenses" (BCL). They do help many people. I have never tried them myself, because I was concerned about infection, but my circumstances are a little different, and it was not a case of only dry eye but other eye problems that caused me go without. However, I would try them if my pain ever becomes that severe again.