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Gas permeable contact lense users?

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  • Gas permeable contact lense users?

    I was wondering how many folks on this site used some type of gas permeable contact lense? I was curious as to how comfortable you found them. I may need to use one in the near future.

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    I wear Wave RGPs. These are custom lenses which I got in 2002, about 18 months after having LASIK.


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      Prior to my DE, I wore gas perms for 10 years. THey were regular gas perms, nothing fancy or special, I wore them to decrease changes in my vision. I found them to be quite comfortable, except when something got in my eye, and then I would have to remove my lens, rewet them, and put them back in. I could also feel the actual lens in my eye, although that did not bother me. Once I got DE, I found them hard to tolerate. Of course, I wasn't wearing anythign special or custom made. If you plan on getting gas perms, I recommend finding an optometrist who has lots of experience with this, because it will make a huge difference in comfort.


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        I just got RGP lenses for lasik complications due to night vision problems. I think you have to get the dry eye syndrome controlled as best you can in order for to get the most comfort out of gas perm lenses.

        You also have to wear them daily to get the most comfort. They are smaller than soft lenses and so when you blink your eyelid may feel the lens for the first week or two
        "Wishing I never had LASIK and was still wearing glasses and contact lenses"