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  • SynergEyes update

    I've had my contacts almost 4 months now. I am glad I have them, but as I have posted before they are not a perfect solution. Of course, nothing is.

    I have a problem with protein buildup and have replaced one lens after only 3 months, not the typical 6 months. I will probably go with an unwarranted lens next time to save money since I will be replacing them frequently. I also have a problem with mucus making them seem greasy to look through. I can clean them and sometimes after I wear them for several hours the mucus is not a problem. I guess the mucus is there before I put them in.

    Right now I am just wearing them when I am away from home. Commercial lights are not a problem with the lenses. Without them I would be tearing up and maybe feeling nauseous. In Walmart recently, I noticed the lights were too bright and my eyes were watering like crazy. When I got home I discovered that one lens had never made it into my eye and was lying on the floor! Luckily I could rehydrate it. I no longer have to search for dim seating in a restaurant and don't have to dread taking my aunt to the doctor. I still use my goggles in the car- no point in taking chances with the ac.

    My eyes are doing better these last few months. I have only had a few days with swollen eyes and the fatigue that results. I think the lenses have helped.

    I don't want to discourage anyone from trying them. I was a little too encouraging at first. Maybe if I didn't have Sjogren's, I would be doing better. I also quit Restasis about a month ago. So far I can't tell that it has made a difference.

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    Some doctors believe that Restasis will show better results for dry eyes by using it 4xs a day and it could take 2-3 months before seeing results. You may want to consider giving it another try and be a little more patient with that medication.


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      Hi Pecan,

      Thanks for the update. I have Sjogren's too, and hated giving up my contacts 2 years ago. Lately, I've been feeling really "closed in" while wearing my glasses, since my field of vision is narrowed by small glasses. So I've been wondering about trying SynergEyes.

      Based on what you say, I'm thinking I might have the same problems that you're having---with the clouding from mucus and protein buildup. That was my problem with soft lenses before. Seems like with Sjogren's, our eyes react more than normal---to having something in the eye.

      I just wish sometimes that I could get a more full field of vision. I wouldn't wear lenses to help with the dryness.



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        I used Restasis for more than 18 months, but I would be willing to try again with a doubled dose. I'll talk to my doctor.

        Calli, I also had trouble with protein deposits and hard lenses twenty years ago. My doctor warned me that I might have the same problem with Synergeyes and I did. I had astigmatism then and still have it after getting implants after cataract surgery.


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          One of the reasons I am skeptical of Synergeyes as a long-term solution is that soft CLs and RGPs require quite different cleaning regimens.

          I wore soft lenses for many years before getting LASIK in 2000. Problems with cleaning protein deposits off the lenses, was one of my reasons for having the surgery. (My prescription was too high for disposables.) Due to regression and the HOAs caused by the LASIK, I had to get custom RGPs. I have found RGPs are much easier to keep clean than soft lenses.

          Clean lenses are absolutely critical for wearing comfort and good vision.

          Good luck,

          Phoenix, AZ