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Artificial tears bad for contacts?! Please help

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  • Artificial tears bad for contacts?! Please help

    So, I have awful dry eye and have pain even when wearing my glasses. I rarely wear my contacts. However, I recently got punctal plugs (NOT sure if they are working) and I am being optimistic that I can hopefully soon wear contacts again. So, I was doing research on the internet on different artificial tears and found info. that contact wearers should not use artificial tears such as Systane! That really worries me bc the rare times that I do wear contacts I have to use a lot of Systane or Oasis drops to feel somewhat comfortable. I have daily disposable lenses so I am not worried about hurting the lenses. Is this bad for your eyes at all?? This might be a silly question, but my eyes bother me enough so I do not want to do anything else to harm them.
    Thank you!
    One more dr. recently told me that he does not like Freshkote bc it has preservatives in it. I had a sample from another dr. and the Freshkote really helped the pain, so this bummed me. What are your doctors' views on the preservatives in Freshkote? I already take
    -Restasis twice daily
    -Azasite once a day
    -Just started Elastat twice daily.
    Soooooooooooo frustrated and stressed by dry eye.