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Decreased Cornea (?) Sensitivity due to Contact Lenses

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  • Decreased Cornea (?) Sensitivity due to Contact Lenses

    My eye doctor is beginning to believe that, in addition to decreased MBG production, the nerves in my eyes have been rubbed down and desensitized by 5 years of contact lenses.

    Is there any way to increase sensitivity? I have tried to let it heal for a year, have gotten my lower tear ducts shut, but am getting no where. Is this the theory behind the PTK procedure??? (And restasis hasn't helped)

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    To be more specific, would, in theory, removing the top layer of desensitized cornea allow for the exposure of healthier nerves , thus increasing sensitivity?


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      Seems like PTK is mostly a procedure to resurface the cornea if you have erosions, scars, opacity, etc. ----vision reducing and painful conditions that can't be successfully treated some other way. Do you have any of those problems?

      It doesn't sound like a very sophisticated comment from your doctor---that the nerves have been "rubbed down." Might not be that at all.

      It's true that the nerves communicate with tear production feedback systems, but that's only part of the system. There's usually more going on like your MGD, inflammation, etc.



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        I was paraphrasing. Contact Lens Induced Dry Eye typically involves decreased MG production and decreases sensitivity in the eye (due to the contact lens rubbing against the eye). MG probing seems to have helped clear up the glands, but now I am trying to figure out what to do about the sensitivity. Restasys was not helpful.

        I heard someone describe PRK as using a laser to remove extremely small layers off of the eye. The nerves in my eye are still functioning, just at a decreased level because of surface erosion. If you have a flower that is trapped under a few inches of soil, it would seem logical to remove the dirt blocking the flower so that it can flourish. I understand that what works in theory may not work in real life, but...

        I am just wondering if anyone has heard of anything to this effect, or knows of vision corrective surgery that can be done with dry eye.