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Put on contact lenses again

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  • Put on contact lenses again

    Hey guys, I'm returning to this forum to ask a question.
    After over a year of wearing glasses (with a pretty high Rx, I don't remember exactly but it's something between -7 and -8 with astigmatism correction), I decided to retry contact lenses. I find that my eyes feel much better if I went to bed earlier the night before and have slept longer.

    I got contact lenses of the same prescription as I used to have a year ago. I am 21 now, and my eyes have not changed. I've been using the same glasses prescription for years.

    I tried putting the contacts on a few days ago, but I wasn't really able to tolerate it too well. I just put them on again to try again. I can tolerate them today, but there is something weird. It feels like the prescription is not the same. It's hard to describe but it's clear and blurry at the same time. Outside it's totally fine. Indoors it becomes very strange. Reading is pretty hard, especially on a computer since the characters are kinda blurry. I've been told it may be the fact that my contacts do not correct for astigmatism. Is this it? Or could it be that my eyes have changed over the year?

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    Like you, I have tried to wear contact lenses (I still do occasionally because I hate wearing glasses). I have worn contacts for many years up until I experienced dry eyes. After a year of not wearing contacts, I tried them again and noticed that they were blurry, but these were new contacts that matched my prescriptions. After asking my Optometrist, she said it is because my eyes are not use to the contacts again. It may have to adjust after a couple of days usage. So I tried that out and it worked, seeing through contacts is clear, but had to give it up again because my eyes were getting too dry and uncomfortable again. So now I wear them occasionally. I don't know if I helped you out, but I wanted to share a similar experience I had.