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SynergEyes info needed by tomorrow

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  • SynergEyes info needed by tomorrow

    My doc has told me he thinks maybe we need to forget the sclerals and try SynergEyes. I have been having a few issues during the trial phase of the sclerals and I didn't expect to change course on the 5th trial set.

    Anyone here have, or have tried, the SynergEyes lenses with any DE issues? My left eye is in a soft lens and it gives me fits all day. The right eye is not currently in a lens but my post Lasik vison really does require one. It also is the driest of the two.

    My appt is tomorrow and I'd like to hear from anyone regarding their experience.

    I sent my doc an email about ZWave lenses but haven't heard back.


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    I have dry eye from Sjogren's and I have SynergEyes. I think my doctor got the correct fit on one eye the very first time. The other eye needed a third try. The turn around on getting a news lens can take up to three weeks since they are semi custom lenses. If they have them in stock you get them quickly.

    I have had some problems with the lenses, but things are better now. Protein buildup and mucus were a problem. Make sure you choose a hydrogen peroxide disinfecting system like ClearCare to take care of the protein buildup. For me it worked wonders on lenses I was about to toss. (I had been using a multipurpose solution.) I am now on Restasis 4x daily and I think that is helping with the mucus.

    I think with dry eye we are always going to have trouble with contacts. We just have to decide if we are better off with them or without. I think I am better off because the lenses protect me from fluorescent lights. I don't wear my contacts all the time, just when I leave the house. I can now wear them about 4-5 hrs without cleaning them. Before ClearCare I had to clean them constantly until the mucus was temporarily removed. I feel better since my eyes are not irritated by the fluorescent lights. I think the lenses helped my vision - almost immediately the dryness sensation and blurriness eased up, even when I was not wearing them.

    Unfortunately, my distance vision is now better if I am not wearing them. There is still a kind of oily film that seems to develop.

    The nice thing about these lenses is the generous 3 month trial period.

    Here is a link from Dr. G's journal about avoiding infection with these lenses: If the link doesn't work let me know.



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      Hey again. I wore Synergeyes before my sclerals. I think highly of them. Suggest you consider which of your issues is causing you more misery - vision or dry eye. They are likely to do as good a job correcting vision issues as the sclerals. I do not think the Synergeyes lenses are as good a solution as sclerals for dry eye, though. They just don't do that much to preserve tear film.


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        I really do not think well of the SynergEyes concept. They are a hybrid of soft and rigid lenses - what cleaning regimen? How to avoid tearing the soft skirt? Durability of the lenses?

        If you cannot tolerate large RGPs / semi-sclerals, maybe you ought to look into sclerals. Correspond with Rebecca about comfort - I believe she has been wearing sclerals for several years.

        Good luck . . .


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          The tearing of the seam was an issue in prev incarnations of the Synergeyes, when I think they were known as SoftPerms (sound right?) ... Actually found the newest version very durable. Biggest issue I had was they tended to really suck onto your eyeball, and removing with the tip of your finger took a lot of saline and a lot of patience. There are good videos on their Web site.

          ... My most recent CL doc was afraid to fit me with one because of the "suck" factor. He worried what it might do to a LASIK flap. No other doc has ever expressed that concern about them to me, though.


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            Thanks everyone!
            Since Chicago is about a 5 hour drive I was up early and didn't get a chance to check my email.
            Turns out the doc has been giving it some thought and decided to go with a different mini-scleral. (This guy has designed many contact lenses and I guess many of his patented lenses are in use, so he's not new to this cl stuff. - just thought I'd add that so everyone doesn't think he's just a typical "herd 'em in - herd 'em out" kinda doctor.) He's highly recommended for post Lasik survivors needing unusual fittings.

            Anyway, I digress....

            So, going with a different mini-scleral that he says rests entirely on the sclera at about 15mm in size and a larger optical zone. They felt a bit looser, which felt better when it came time to take them out, but I could definitely tell they were in there as they caught on my lower lids quite a bit. We were starting over so this was a first fitting, so to speak, so when the custom cut lenses come in I'm praying for good results. Vision was "ok" but it's hard to tell in an office. I really need to get around town and especially at night.

            Thanks, again, everyone!