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    I've been wearing contact lens as bandaid for the last few months. The Dr. sticks them in, and tells me to come back in 2 wks. Is it safe to wear contacts around the clock? I have tried changing them, but found it quite difficult getting them out, or back in..Any tricks to this...I keep saying it can't be that hard but tried for hrs and couldn't 'get it"
    Ant tips my way are appriciated.

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    It is not unusual for them to put bandage contacts in and leave them for quite some time... but if you have any doubts or concerns make sure to call the dr's office, they need to be supporting you in this and showing you techniques for managing the lenses.

    One thing I'd do before taking them out is flood your eyes with drops. I use Unisol 4 (unpreserved saline) for this with my sclerals. Soft contacts can get pretty dried out on there while they're doing their job. Also there are tools to help remove them (see soft lens handler in the shop) - they might have them at your dr's office?

    Nothing more frustrating that not being able to get a lens out (or even in) and wrestling with the eyelids and solutions and lenses... but don't worry it will get easier!
    Rebecca Petris
    The Dry Eye Foundation