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Got Bandage Lenses- have Questions

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    Got Bandage Lenses- have Questions

    I have continued to have a lot of dryness and pain in my left eye- plenty of tears cause I have all 4 cauterized, but messed up osmolarity, tear balance is off b/c of MGD...and therefore all know what I mean. So the Dutch optometrist here in the Netherlands that knows A LOT about dry eye disease (more than any other dr. in the States or here that I have seen, and I've seen PLENTY), put Acuvue bandage lenses in today. I have actually NEVER worn contacts in my life (worn glasses for about 13 years since I've always had slight dry eye problems so never wanted to try contacts) so it was sort of strange to get used to them, but, I would say that even if they do not completely help relieve my dry eye pain, they do help some, and they don't bother me or make the pain/burning worse. She said that if these help, she has a colleague here who could fit me for Sclerals.

    I guess my question is, what is the difference between bandage lenses and sclerals, has anyone tried both, and has one or the other helped more? Event though these are helping a little (I can feel a difference when I take them out), it is hurting me really badly to use the computer right now. I really have to limit my screen time.

    So even though I'd love replies to this, it may take me a while to read them and respond! Thanks!