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eyes getting worse!?!

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  • eyes getting worse!?!

    Hi all, I starting wearing contacts almost one year ago, as a help for my dry eyes, they have worked fantastic until just recently, my eyes are super dry right now, to the point where I start feeling the contacts before the day is up, and I'm using tons of eye drops again, like ever 15-30 minutes sometimes. My eyes still feel better when the contacts are in than without them, just don't know what to think now, or what to do. I'm going to check tomorrow about getting back into the corneal specialist and see what he says, he did place plugs in and now I'm wondering if they are gone and that's the problem, cause they were so great for so long, it was such a blessing to find something that helped me, don't get me wrong I still need the drops but not very often, I don't have tears to cry, so know that hasn't changed much, but when I would feel emotional I felt that my eyes got moister, not now. I'm hoping that the eye doctor will have something to say, and some help for me. Keeping my fingers crossed, my eyes like this make work unbearable and life in general hard.