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    I have worn contacts on a daily basis since 16 and I am now 41. I struggle with red, itchy, dry eyes on a daily basis and went to see an ophthalmologist this week instead of my regular optometrist. He said he thought my problem was wearing contacts. He told me to wear my glasses, use Refresh PM each night and preservative-free Systane several times a day for three months and that I should see big improvement. My eyes are normally drier when I wear my glasses, but he said it would take a while for my eyes to improve. I already really miss my contacts! Has anyone had a similar experience or recommendation? Could you tell a difference when giving up contacts?

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    Regrettably, I was in a similar situation when my dry eye set in, and while the situation improved or stabilized for a bit without the contacts when I "went off" them, the dry eye definitely eventually got worse. I hope for better luck for you--keep a close watch on your symptoms and adjust as needed.


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      I think contact wear may be different for different people depending on the cause of dry eye. My dry eye is likely due to autoimmune issues and contacts actually help shield my aqueous deficient drye eye and help me control inflammation.

      Your red and itchy eye might indicate allergy issues and I think while your eyes are red and itchy it might be better to hold off on contacts. Perhaps once you get the redness and itchyness under control you can go back to contacts. One thing I have read about is people being allergic or sensitive to their contact solution. Some people notice a difference when they switch brands.

      What about seeing an allergist?


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        Can I ask what is your schirmer? I'm also aqueous deficiency, my schirmer is about 2. Doctors usually don't recommend contacts for dry eye, so I quit my contacts for months. It will be good if contacts can help. What kind of contacts do you wear? Hydrogel? Thank you!



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          Thanks for the suggestion. I have seen an allergist and taken allergy shots for 4 years. I know a lot of my issues are allergies.


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            I am not sure my dry eye specialist doc believes in schirmer's as a great test. He looks at staining for damge to the cornea, some other assesments, and also treats by symptoms. But, no schirmer's. I had one done once by another doctor and it was really low but I can't remember what the score was.

            My eye doc has said that I am very very low on tears, meibomian glands are pretty good. I wear air optix cibavision for astigmatism and they really help me. I don't know if I had mgd/rosacea issues if he would recommend contacts for me. I think every person is different - many people wear contact lenses as a therapeutic bandage. Check with a doctor who is a dry eye specialist. I would not wear contacts if my doctor had not recommended it.

            What is the sources of your dry eye?