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  • Contact lenses for sports

    Hi, i've had dry eye for the last 3 years. The first years were really hard but now I am feeling much better, i don't use eye drops often, only when my eyes hurt a lot (few times a month) or when i spend too much time on the computer. Overall my eyes feel good except when I get some little yellow pimples inside my eyelid which come out almost every week and take a few days to dissapear.

    I want to start using contacts for playing basketball a few times a week but i don't know if i can stand it or if it will get my condition worse.
    I appreciate if someone could give some advice

    Thank you

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    Hi Waldemar. Have you discussed with your ophthalmologist what those little yellow pimples are inside your eyelid that come up every week? Given you have those weekly and it takes a few days for them to go away, most doctors would advise you not wear any type of contacts during those times. Perhaps it is some allergy or eye issue where the doctor can give you medication or drops to stop or reduce the occurrences. If those pimples are styes, there's not much you can do except possibly applying warm compresses, which will encourage the pimples to burst and go away sooner.

    Once your pimple issue is resolved, there are various contacts for people with dry eyes, depending on just how dry their eyes are. These range from certain soft contacts for mildly dry eyes, to scleral lenses for severe dry eyes. Many athletes with dry eyes wear sclerals (this is where I first read about sclerals, which I wear daily), see link below, however your eyes do not sound as dry of those athletes cited in this link:

    Hopefully one way or another, you will be able to play basketball again soon!


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      They're not styes, it's just a small pimple in the lid.

      One ophtalmologist told me that they appear because of bad nutrition, I am eating healthier now, hasn't made much difference yet but I still could improve a lot my nutrition. Also I noticed that sometimes after a party or some night when I drink alcohol, the next day I get one of those pimples. That ophalmologist also said that I could use contacts and control the dryness with drops.
      Another ophtalmoligist told me that he didn't knew what causes them and told me to wash my lids with baby shampoo. I don't wash them a lot because sometimes I feel my eyes a little dry after.

      My dry eye is really mild compared with all the people here, maybe some soft lenses work well for me, I also think it's better to solve the pimple problem before starting with contacts but I've been dealing with this for almost a year now, maybe I just give contacts a try and see how it goes.

      I can play basketball but things would me much better if i see at my 100% haha.


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        I have been wearing hard contacts (gas permeable now) since I was 13, that is 59 years. During my younger days I played basketball, football and baseball with the contacts in. Back in my drinking days I even went swimming with them in. My only problem with contacts and hard sports was salty sweat getting into my eyes. The remedy for that was a sweat band. I did have a contact get jarred out during football practice and once from a branch hitting my eye trout fishing...don't know how... but found them both times.


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          I started wearing contacts few years back, my experience is so far positive, I'm active in running and other sports too. I'm sticking to BC contact lenses since I did not have any medical issues or another excuse to change over to another, even the price is reasonably low. Their webpage and forum has quite a lot of information on choosing the right contact lenses for you.

          take a look in to their webpage and forum at , there might be some information which could be of use to you all too

          cheers, I hope the information i shared is helpful