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1 year after lasik

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  • 1 year after lasik

    It has been one year since I had lasik eye surgery. My lasik procedure was on May 21, 2009. My vision is perfect, better than perfect it is 20/15. However, I still have an issue with dry eyes. Not as great an issue that drove me to this board, but just dry enough to still keep me dependent on eye drops. Only now I put eye drops in my eyes every few hours or so instead of every 5 minutes.

    Although I feel that I'm luckier than most, I will never again find myself getting any 'adjustments' to my vision - I will go back to glasses, no problem. I never tell people in person not to have this procedure, because I have to say it is wonderful to have clear, fuzz free vision - but I do caution them about the seriousness of dry eyes and how debilitating dry eyes can be.

    I wanted to thank all of you and this board for helping me keep my sanity. All the products that I tried helped me manage my dry eyes along the way from drops to wind blocking sunglasses to hot compresses and eye supplements. I feel that this board helped me to a decent recovery.

    Thanks so much everyone.

    San Diego.