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Correlation between Lasik and MG output

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  • Correlation between Lasik and MG output

    I have read numerous accounts/studies of Lasik and its correlation to Aqueous Tear Deficieny DE but have not seen anything that connects Lasik with Meibomian Gland function. Is/Are there any?

    Drawing upon that, is the burning/stinging sensation a result of aqueous deficiency or not enough oils? When I run sweat in my left eye causes severe stinging/burning on top of the perpetual burning I already experience in that eye. My right eye is not noticably affected by sweat. BTW, post-lasik.
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    dr toyos tells me that lasik can be the last step aka trigger for dormant ocular in, you prob had this problem underlying all along but then you had LASIK and it led to severe MGD inflammation (if thats your problem)


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      There are numerous people here post-LASIK who deal with some degree of both aqueous deficiency and MGD. You're correct that most doctors associate it more with AD, which is why they're so quick to prescribe Restasis.

      Anyone with a clue in the medical community knows there's a connection with MGD, but they haven't published on it. Here's the only thing I've ever seen:

      Most docs will say something along the line of what Michael notes that Dr. Toyos said: you had some form of preexisting posterior bleph/MGD that was put over the edge by LASIK.

      We end up in a situation where we're not producing enough tears and the ones we are making are poor quality. The burning has to do with things like "tear osmolarity" that you can read more about on the board. (So, you can't really say it's because of AD or MGD ... it's really about the health of your entire tear film.) Some people use drops available here like Dwelle, or OTC like Systane Ultra (pres free) because they provide a very temporary relief from the burning.

      You'll benefit by reading about things you can do to manage your MGD, and there's a wealth of info here. Everyone ultimately develops their own routines, but many of us have found help with regular gland expressions and home maintenance. Find a reputable dry eye doctor in your area - this will not be your LASIK doctor. It sucks eggs now, but there are many people here who have been where you are and you will figure out a way.