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red veins...laser them?

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  • red veins...laser them?

    So I have been through a very long bout of about 5 months with eye problems . My symptoms are mainly extreme dryness when I wake up in the mornings (pretty much only in the morning) and bright red veins in my eye. After 4 optometrists and 2 opthamologists I have been told that I have a penguicila on my eye that is causing these symtoms. He prescibed me durezol (a strong steroidal drop), which like all the other steroids I have taken, didnt work very well. He told me the only thing that I can do would be to have it removed by laser. Does anybody know how safe this procedure is, any risks involved, the chances of the vein coming back, and the approximate cost? Also, what is involved with penguicula removal?