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using Dwelle post Lasik

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  • using Dwelle post Lasik

    I have read accounts of other post-Lasik patients using Dwelle, with good results from it. However, since I am only 3+ months post op, I am concerned whether using it at night (as opposed to preservative free drops) could do any harm, or interfere in the healing process. A couple weeks ago I ordered and received a bottle of Dwelle, but only used it for less than a week. Upon application, it did sting a little bit, but I know that is normal from other posts on here.

    My current routine care for dry eye is:
    * Preservative Free artificial tears once every 2 hours (+/- half an hour). Have tried several brands over the past few months.
    * Restasis 2x day
    * Fish Oil
    * Flax Seed Oil
    * Lightly wipe my eyelids/lashes with warm water a couple times throughout the day to prevent "gunk" build up from the drops

    Night time:
    * Wash lashes with baby shampoo
    * Apply night time drops once when getting in bed, and upon waking during the night (usually only once or twice). Outside of my trial run with Dwelle, I use Refresh Celluvisc (PF)
    * Wear the Oniyx goggles (purchased from the Dry Eye Shop)

    Any feedback would be appreciated.