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Aggressive advertising of lasik

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  • Aggressive advertising of lasik

    I live in Australia in a city of about 300,000+ people. Most of the opthamologists here work in a large, private eye hospital. There isn't much choice other than to see these opthamologists, regardless of your income etc.

    I didn't get my eye problems from surgery. However, the advertising campaign from this eye hospital promoting lasik surgery is sickening.

    I notice their ads on the TV regularly, it's all smiles and no mention of the complications. It seems so unethical to be actively promoting an unneccesary surgery. I don't see cosmetic surgeons promoting breast enlargement on the TV, why should opthamologists be doing this?

    Even worse is, if you want lasik you get to call a free number and get a free, fast consultation, if you need to see an opthamologist about a real medical problem, you have to wait at least 3 months usually, and there is obviously no free call number or free consulation! And these guys are completely horrible to anyone who has dry eye or something similar. I hate to think what happens to patients who get dry eye from lasik surgery.

    I did wonder what would happen if I called for the free lasik consulation, and said, I really want the lasik but my dry eyes prevent me from doing this. Would I get different treatment? Would they try to help me with the dry eye in the hope of getting a lucrative surgery? Unfortunately I can't really test this out, as my vision is actually OK apart from the dry eye blurring.

    Just having a vent really!

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    I agree with you Poppy.

    I don't think I would say that ad campaigns in UK are really `aggressive' but it's certainly noticeable (to me anyway) how they create the impression that you will suddenly have an active packed life - once you get rid of those ugly glasses.

    OK - I would prefer not to have to wear glasses at all but seeing as though I do, then I always buy an attractive pair. And they are not welded to my face so I can always remove them if I feel like it.

    My problems are not LASIK related by the way.
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      I'm in the US. Not too long ago I told someone how, in my city, I've seen quite a bit of print advertising for LASIK. But I never saw a TV ad. Just last night though I did see a tv commercial for LASIK by a local hospital group. I shuddered. Both the print and tv ads Ive seen also have no mention of complications, or that it's not right for everyone.

      My problems ARE due to LASIK. It feels good that others out there in the world (like yourselves) are becoming well informed - enough to understand the truth about the risks.


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        I want to warn everyone about potential complications - now that I know what can happen.

        Both my daughters wear glasses / contacts and whilst they might have thought about LASIK at some point in the past, now they wouldn't entertain the idea at all. Sadly, their childhood was dominated by my eye problems so they've seen enough.