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Doxy 200mg/day?

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  • Doxy 200mg/day?

    I started seeing a new doctor who supposedly specializes in DE. I had LASIK 4 1/2 years ago and have been miserably dry ever since. Inflamed lids is the culprit. Along with the usual compresses, plugs, cleaning, Omega-3, drops, etc, I take two 50mg pills of Doxycycline daily. The doctor reccomends upping the dose until he starts to see some oil flowing. he wants me to take 2 100 mg pills from now on. So 200mg/day

    I basically don't have a good feeling about this doc, he rushes and doesn't seem to put much thought into my specific condition. he also said after the 200mg/day he doesn't have any other ideas.

    My stomach has been able to tolerate the doxy so far, but has anyone been taking 200mg/day or more for a sustained period of time? Success compared to a lower dose?


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    The standard is taking 200 mg for two weeks followed by 100mg for at least 6 months. As I stated here before, doctors are as frustrated by this disease as we are. They don't have a whole bunch of tools in the toolbox. Always remember this : Nobody thinks more of and is concerned with your condition than you are. Don't feel alone in that reality. Every doctor knows a little bit of this but they certainly are not experts universally. I got more help from an optometrist than from an ophthalmologist!
    I personally took matters in my own hands and told my doctors what I needed to have. And so far they agreed !
    I feel this is the least known, and yet very very common condition that exists. My friends laughed when I told them what I have because they thought it was not serious. "Dry eye ?, put some drops in, ha ha"
    This is one condition that if doctors figured it out they could make a huge difference in the quality of sufferers lives. Trust me, I've got a lot of other things such as osteoarthritis in a few joints and even a heart arrhythmia which absolutely pale in comparison to the misery of DES.


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      Thanks, I was basically taking half of that standard as you call it. I know what you mean about about telling the doctors what I need, I seem to know more than almost all of them about dry eye in general.