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    I did my surgury in a private clinic, in a private hospital.
    I did report them to the health.
    They wrote me and the health an insulting letter full with lies and stupid remarks.
    Tehy actually blamed me for what happened, and their terrible negligence and carelessnes.
    The health said that they are right, and for me it was finished with that.
    forget about changing anything of they way things work.
    Its a lost battle.
    The sad thing is that they go on doing the same mistakes with new patients.
    Sometimes I get upset when I hear their advertisement in the radio, not mentioning all
    the suffering they cause.
    By the way, I have been cured mainly with honey, and warm compresses for plepharitis.
    Any way wish you again, lot of cure, both physically and emotionally.


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      I have the same thoughts as you Saag, it is an unproven drug and am uncertain of the long term effects. I find the docs (the ones I have seen at least) prescribe it far too quickly and I want to give myself the full year to heal as they say before I make a decision to go on it. I see an outside (not [deleted] that is) dry eye doc in August and want to see what she says. There are days though I tell you (like today's drive in to work) that I say just what am I waiting for, try the drug, see better, feel better. Hum just not sure I guess. I have also reacted to every eye drop so far other then the 2 non-preservative ones (celluvisc and lacrilube). I tried the bion tears but found them ineffective (too watery). Now too look into how you got them covered, I need that as they are so expensive.
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        Hi fiddle,

        I am sure people have suggested this to you but do you wear protective glasses for your drive to work? They don't even have to be foam covered ones to give a little protection. Sometimes, just wearing regular big sunglasses helps a little to protect my eyes against drafts. I hope you feel better soon.


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          Hello tearless, yes I do wear glasses for driving (sadly prescription as lasik eye surgery failed) and I find they do help with the dryness a bit (better then without). I find I can drive and put drops in really well now. Also I am a teacher and on yard duty I always wear my sunglasses (almost a wrap around) and they help a lot with the wind. It's funny the students have asked me why I wear sunglasses on a cloudy day and I have to think on my feet for a good answer.


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            I somehow didn't subscribe to the thread and lost track of this one. I tried Restasis for one week in month two of this craziness. I liked how it felt going into my eye, but day seven my eyes literally crashed and it took months to get back to the place I had been before I started Restasis (which wasn't that great of a place either)! However, I don't really think it was Restasis. I was also using Lotemax (2-4x a day!) and Azasite AND my eyes, when they crashed went through all sorts of changes (major floaters all over my eyes now), strange flashing lights, optic migraines, etc. I don't think Restasis did all of that! I hear some people were fine after Lasik, but around month three things went badly and that's about the time things went really down hill for me as well. So, I would like to try Restasis or Autologous Serum again.


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              I'm chiming in late here but hopefully you will see this response at some point. I am about 3.5 years post-LASIK and doing very well now.

              My daily regimen is time consuming but it enables me to wear eye makeup, not have to be in goggles 24x7, and most importantly, it enables me to live without pain.

              You can look at my previous posts or my profile to see that I have tried many things. Only when I took my core problem seriously (MGD) did I experience a real jump in the comfort department. My advice to you would be to find out exactly what your main problem is (MGD? Aqueous deficiency?), aside from having had LASIK, and attack that.

              Feel free to PM me if you have any questions. Hang in there. It takes a while. Be prepared because it's a tough fight down a long road, but you'll get there.



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                Thanks Rose for the supportive words. I seem to have some good days (or parts of them anyway) and try to build on those, but there are days the dragon wins for sure. I have 2 more apts set up with docs for my dry eyes (both are sp. I am told in this field, Dr. Caffrey in Toronto an optomitrist (spelling?) for August, and Dr. Slomovic an opthamologist at Toronto Western for Dec). I will see what they have to say and go from there I guess but after reading this board I now I have more questions to bring with me when I go.
                The fight is exhausting I am finding and some days I just give in as living with dry eyes 24/7 is not like any pain I can explain to some one who does not suffer from it. I told a colleague this just yesterday that I am in pain all the time, some days it is a burning sensation and some days it's like broken glass. She just looked at me and said well you seem fine most days. I shook my head as most just don't understand.
                The frustration for me comes out of wondering if this is my new quality of life? [The lasik clinic] said they'd change my life, what they failed to say as it would be for the worse. Yes it's hard not to be bitter over this too.
                Thanks again,
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