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Blade vs bladeless lasik

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  • Blade vs bladeless lasik


    Just wondering does having blade lasik rather than bladeless, put you on more risk of having dry eyes? I had blade lasik, so I am little tensed up.

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    I'm not sure about this either as I had also had blade and do have dry eyes, but I heard the bladeless uses the laser more and that can lead to dry eyes as the laser is on your eyes more. I think the laser makes a more precise cut and the blade they think cuts into the cornea more or maybe deeper. Like I said this is just what I have heard so not sure on either to be honest. Hope your eyes heal okay though.


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      I am also confused. For my dry eyes problem I went to a lasik surgeon and he asked me what kind of lasik I had blade or bladeless. When I said bladeless his expression was not smooth. I guess he thinks I would be better off with bladeless. do you think it has any sense?


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        I had blade lasik as well. I developed pretty significant dry eye after the first week. I think that the 'bladeless' probably produces less dry eye from what I have read. One site said that the success of the cut is more dependent on the expertise of the surgeon rather than the particular technique. So, you could have 'bladeless' in the hands of less experienced surgeon and have more dry eye problems. Hope this is helpful.