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Why do some of us have such a poor recovery from Lasik?

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  • Why do some of us have such a poor recovery from Lasik?

    Sorry for the long rant. I had Lasik surgery done at the end of January. I went into expectations that I was going to be at work the next day and fully recovered in 48 hours. I have a twin sister who had the surgery done 6 years ago and woke up the next time feeling great. Why would I think I would have any problems, if my sister didn't.

    I went into the procedure somewhat naive - thinking everything was going to be fine. I am so mad at myself sometimes that maybe I didn't research it enough and understand my risks. I have a dozen of friends who had Lasik and never had any problems and told me it was the best thing they ever did.

    Why is it some recover in a couple of days and for some of us it takes a very long time, and dry eyes become more severe? I have explored many underlying conditions from Sjorens, thryoid, hormones, and they have all come back normal.

    I remember right before going any surgery my husband asked me what I was doing this -why would I want to mess with my eyes. This comment continues to haunt me everyday. Everyday my daughters pray that mommy's eye get better.

    I am afraid to committ to any social activities, work conferences, vacation as I don't know how my eyes will do. I know so many of you on the forums are in the same boat. I am just beyond frusterated and need to vent.

    I thank Rebecca for starting this forum as a place to communicate with others going through the same issues.

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    Hi Laura,

    I totally understand how you're feeling. Someone at my workplace turned up the air conditioning today and my eyes feel irritated right away. Everyday becomes so uncertain. It's like you cannot plan anything and you do not even want to go to conferences or training courses as you don't know how your eyes will react. But you're still in the very early stage, and I'm sure things will get better. And yes, prayer does help, so does venting out loud


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      Thanks Sunshine. Somedays I just need to vent, scream to whoever will listen It's been in the 80's where I live and I have been reluctant on letting my husband turn on AC at home because how it affects my eyes. Now, I am so sensitive to wherever I go about air quality. Before surgery I could have probably walked through a dust storm and been unaffected.


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        unfortunately the latest and best studies are not available for free, but people also don`t like reading very scientific articles written for ophthalmologists!

        So here some links:


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          Thanks for sharing Peter. I will give them a read.