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  • new eye doctor appt

    I finally decided to find a new eye doctor for my dry eyes due to Lasik. About a year ago, I had Lasik done and my regular doctor has pretty much given up on me. I decided to switch doctors. I made an appointment a few months ago when I was feeling really terrible. Just a few weeks before I went I was feeling the best I have felt in a while but I figured I would still go for a second opinion. My new doctor did a lot of tests on my eyes including dilating them...big mistake! I am now at a low point with my eyes. They feel so bad and it is from all the drops put in during my appointment and its taking so long to recuperate from the appointment. From my new doctor, I was given 1% Pred Forte four times a day for 2 weeks but I still don't feel as good as I did before I went in. Just wondering if anyone has been in this same position...I could use some good news

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    There have been quite a lot of people here over the years who have adverse reactions to substances used in exams - from fluorescein dye to dilating drops.

    What I would do:
    1) Call and let them know specifics. You'll want it put in your record so your dr. sees it next time he pulls the chart. And...
    2) At the next appointment, if the technician wants to put anything in your eyes before the doctor sees you, ask them to please NOT do so until you've seen the doctor. If they voice any objection, that's when it's really handy to be able to say, "It should be in my chart. I called after the least appointment to let the dr. know I had some trouble after the last appointment."
    Rebecca Petris
    The Dry Eye Foundation