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Just saw a knowledgeable doctor, comments please

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  • Just saw a knowledgeable doctor, comments please

    Hi everyone,

    I found what seems to be a great doctor in San Diego for dry eye, Dr. David Geffen. To provide some brief background info, I had lasik about 16 months ago, and now have dry eye and suffer from eye allergies. I hadn't had much luck finding a doctor that knew anything about dry eye previously.

    Dr. Geffen did several dry eye tests, including one where he pokes the corners of my eyes (I forget the name). He looked inside my lids and said I have MGD. I was prescribed 1 month doxycyclene, a bottle of Azasite drops (azithromycin antibiotic), and two bottles of Lotemax (corticosteroid).

    I'm going to see him again in a month and at that time reconsider using punctal plugs. He said that if I tried the plugs now, my eye allergies would get worse since they would pool up in my eyes.

    I was hoping to get some comments, particularly on the array of prescriptions. Anyone had any luck with a similar cocktail of drugs?

    Thanks everyone. My spirits are up after this visit!


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    I haven't been on that cocktail. I am on autologous serum drops. I've been on them for 3 days now and they seem to be working.

    Before you go the plug route, be sure to read Rebecca's posts about plugs, mainly avoiding any durable canalicular plugs (like SmartPlugs).

    Hoping you update us on your progress. I’m curious to see if this cocktail works for you. I live in San Diego as well.


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      Hi Jesse,
      I think the test where he poked the corners of your eyes is a test developed by Tearscience- it's supposed to allow for testing of the osmolarity( saltiness, I think) of one's tear content and then that determines treatment. The idea that this doctor has this test is encouraging, as it would seem he is interested in dry eye unlike so many opthos out there. I hope what he's given you gets you some relief. I have plugs, I've had no problems with them- I also use restasis. I can't use the lotemax on any kind of continuing basis because of concerns about pressure levels. What helped me the most was IPL. I also notice that around where I am, the number of practices offering Lipiflow is really on the rise- so that seems to be gaining traction. Getting those glands opened up and the inflammation down is what you gotta do. Good luck to you.