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LASIK Lesson = Dental Implant Lesson

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  • LASIK Lesson = Dental Implant Lesson

    In the midst of suffering the onset of dry eye, I had to have a tooth extracted - cracked it and it could not be saved. To keep my TMJ joint stable, I need to have a dental implant. Lke LASIK I'm learning that there is a % of people that have problems with the standard titanium implant. It's a decent % just like the decent % of LASIK problems. And dentists are not talking about it.

    I went on the titanium implant forums and they are just like dry eye talk. People get dismissed as crazy, doctors don't really help or acknowledge the problem, don't provide truly informed consent, etc. These people are hurting, feel betrayed, and are mad. Seriously, we could just swap out the words "dry eye" with "titanium implant" and the posts would be the same.

    I now am doing the same type of research I did on dry eye, but on implants. I have to decide whether to go with a titanium implant which may down the line like LASIK, prove to cause a lot of problems (like those silver fillings people have that have to be removed). Or go with a newer, all ceramic zirconium implant (dismissed by the entrenched medical community as a fringe product) used in Europe.

    LASIK really did me in. I do not want to make another health mistake. I am so paranoid now, distrustful of all doctors, mindful of false online information, etc. Truly "Dry Eye Talk" is where I made real progress in my dry eye. Everyone on this forum helped me cope and led me to my current serum drop treatment that have put me on the path to healing.

    The only thing I can think to do is replicate that path to healing for my tooth implant, is by finding THE "Dry Eye Talk" forum for dental implants. I need to go to real people for adivce and direction and referrals. A big thank you to this community for bringing me awareness. I'm going to do my best to not make another lifetime health decision without thorough research. This so sucks - I can't believe this is happening to me.
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    Hi, I came across this thread. I am wondering if you or anyone else developed Dry Eyes after titanium dental implants. I had multiple done last year (2013), the dentist mounted abutments and crowns in January 2014, 2 days later, my eyes started watering and burning and have been dry ever since, can't wear contact lense anymore. Neither the Opthamalogist nor the dentist think it is related to the dental implants