Hi All,

I just registered to this website seeking for help for my poor eyes.

I have been living with short eye sight since 8 years old until 20 years old I decided to did LASIK (I was wearing contact lens most of the time before LASIK). After that I started to have little dry eyes symptom and I started to find artificial tears ever since (I have tried most of the OTC brands already). Which I started to feel worse than before after using those tears (I suspect that I allergic to it).

My current condition is that once I use any artificial tears, because of eye dry symptom, my eyes will start feeling irritated and red, If I don't used it for 3-4 days my eyes will feel less irritated but super dry which also cause similar irritating sensation as well so I have to use tear and reverse back and forth this cycle...
I went to a doctor last month and he starts giving me "Patanol", to my understanding this is the eye drops for allergic symptoms, I have been using it for over a month but feel that there is an improvement, My eyes have been red and irritated all the time ever since I did LASIK and Patanol does not seems to be helpful. I can see that my eyes now are not that dry. I do not need to use Art. tears that often (only morning and night is enough for me), but the irritation and redness hurt my eyes so bad.

I wonder if there is anyone experienced same thing as I do, please help T_T.

Thank you in advance !