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Dry eyes after lasik

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  • Dry eyes after lasik

    Dear all,

    For the ones with dry eyes after lasik I would like to ask:

    - When did your dry eyes problem start?

    - For how long you have it? Do you feel that with time has improved?

    - Which are your routines?

    - Do you feel the symptoms vary during the year/month?

    - Girls, do you feel it is worse during your cycle?

    - Do you believe in a cure?

    Thank you so much!!

    All the best,

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    Hi Rute-

    Unfortunately I am a post lasik pt. Here are my answers to your post...

    -When did my dry eye problems start?---about 3-4 days after the lasik procedure

    - For how long have you had it?--- I am 12 months post lasik and still having to deal with mild-mod dry eye issues. Time has been my biggest helper I think. I have noticed that I feel a lot more comfortable than just 3 months ago.

    -Which are your routines?-- I use oasis tears plus every 5-6 hours daily, genteal gel before sleep and upon waking up in the morning. I also take Biotears supplements (4 tabs a day) and 1200mg fish oil 2x a day. I wear sunglasses outside and prescription glasses (was undercorrected) at work as I work in a VERY DRY hospital.

    -Do I feel symptoms vary during the year/month? --- Yes, if the humidity level drops in the weather, my eyes feel worse

    -I haven't noticed them feeling worse with my cycle.

    - Do I believe in a cure?-- I believe strides will be made to help with comfort. Not really sure about the cure thing.

    Hope my answers help!



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      I had immediate dry eye after surgery, but they gave me restasis and after 2 months it went totally away. Now, 6 years later, it is back and this time very worse.

      Started Oct 2012
      how long have I had it..... 15 months
      routine: restasis 2x day refresh and get at night
      symptoms vary? no
      during cycle? definately day before and day of period it is a big change.
      do I believe in a cure...I refuse not to!