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  • Pilocapine

    I had LASIK 17yrs ago and PRK 8 years ago. I made two trips to Coppel, Tx to see Dr Gemoulles. But I still can't wear rigid contacts or scleral lenses. In summer it's not a problem, mainly because I just don't go anywhere at night. In winter I have to drive to and from work in the dark. All headlights, traffic lights, streetlights or outside driveway lights cause starbursts and halos that essentially blind me. I found help by buying 4% pilocarpine eyedrops. I remove 0.1ml with an insulin syringe and add it to a 10ml bottle of Blink eyedrops. That give a concentration of roughly 0.4%.

    In the past glaucoma drops were recommended to constrict my pupils. What I found was they prevent my pupils from dilating at night. That's how they help glaucoma. But they don't constrict the pupils enough to cancel the starbursts and halos. Full strength pilocarpine causes bad headaches. This dilute version still works but without causing headaches. My pinpoint pupils may look weird to people but I can drive at night now. The starbursts are still there but they seem 'thinner' to me. I can see the headlight filaments within the starbursts but can make out the type of vehicle behind the starburst. Without the drops every oncoming headlight is on high-beam and pointed directly at my eyes. All I see is a white wall and little else penetrates it.

    In the office the drops darken everything somewhat. As if rheostats are turning down the lights. Colors are quite muted. It's a small price to pay. I saw a post from someone bothered by overhead lights. These eyedrops might help that person.