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Eyes always hurt after lasik

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  • Eyes always hurt after lasik

    So I had lasik surgery done and had a regression a year after.. so I decided to get it again.. the first time I had -5 in both eyes. Before the last surgery I had -0.75 in both eyes, so I decided to get lasik again. Anyway its been 13 months since the surgery and ever since the surgery I have pain behind my eyes (both). Pressure and pulling sensation gets a lot worse when watching tv and really bad when reading (book or computer).

    I had went back to the lasik surgeon and they tested my eyes.. I had +1 in both eyes after the surgery. 3 months out from the surgery they tested again and I had +0.75 in both eyes.. At 6 months post op I had Left +0.75 and Right +0.50. At 8 months I had +0.5 in BOTH eyes. At 11 months post op I went to an optometrist and had +0.25 in BOTH eyes. Went back to Lasik after and got the same results, however when they dilated my eyes to see true refraction I had +0.50 in both eyes (So not much difference they claimed).

    I still feel a pulling sensation behind my eyes and the pulling gets worse when watching tv, and much worse when reading (I can see the words perfectly just that pulling makes reading un bearable) They told me that the prescription I have is to small since I am only 23 years old I can accommodate +0.25 EASY, And +0.5 EASY! They claim to me its not the prescription causing problems.

    If so than what is causing this pulling sensation behind my eyes.. I had a ophthalmologist look at my eyes and they to said my eyes are fine.. but perhaps a little dry. I had to leave school because I can't hold my eyes to read anymore with that horrible pulling sensation.. Thanks!
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    Sorry I probably can't help much because I still don't really feel I know enough about eye issues, but I also get the pulliing sensation at times. I think - I find it hard to find the right words to describe some of the sensations I get with my eyes. Not sure if it's to do with eye strain and/or dry eye (I have both).

    My glasses are the wrong prescription and fit - so the pulling sensation could be to do with that, or it could be to do with my dry eye condition. I think maybe you should see a decent optometrist to get your vision prescription thoroughly checked, but also find a good opthalmologist that has dry eye experience (a lot don't and a lot are dismissive of dry eyes). Look for one that has experience with corneal surface issues and/or ocular inflammation.

    If you never had these problems before the surgery it would be reasonable to assume it has something to do with it. Whether it is dry eyes and/or another side effect. I would have thought the surgeon who operated on your eyes has a responsibility to investigate the side effects you are now suffering from? I would also however look for a different opthalmologist as well - unfortunately a lot are dismissive of dry eye conditions (partly because some don't know that much about it) - I have gone through several before finding one who did a comprehensive examination. It's a shame we can't just trust the first ophalmologist we see.

    I hope you find someone who can help you properly - and hope things start to improve. I can relate to the reading issues - it's horrible because I used to love reading. I've had to stop working for a bit (and put plans for further study on hold) - but I've read about people here who have found a good doctor and who have returned to normal lives - with appropriate treatment. It's hard not to despair at times - but knowing other people with similar eye problems have got help and can live life helps get me through (hope it helps you too).


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      Just another thought. I also have a lazy eye (not caused by cross-eye condition but because of the difference in prescription for my eyes - one eye is worse than the other) and I'm not sure if this is the same issue or something else but I also have convergence insufficiency. Do you get the pulling sensation in both eyes or just one? If just one perhaps you have a lazy eye/eye muscle inbalance issue? Perhaps related to the surgery - maybe they corrected one eye too much/not enough?

      Separately, when I get the pulling sensation, I find I need to use more eyedrops than usual. I often get the pulling feeling at the same time as extra burning feeling. Do you get that? Make sure you use enough eyedrops (preservative-free). I think maybe it happens when my eye needs more eyedrops - when it is more dry than usual.