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dr ****** conjunctivochalasis surgery

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  • dr ****** conjunctivochalasis surgery

    like everyone who goes to see dr ******, he recommended surgery to correct chalasis. i am skeptical, although there are a few people who say they have gotten relief from this.

    can anyone describe what the surgery is like and how long the recovery is? (i.e. how long you have to miss work)

    also, id be interested to hear your outcomes.

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    Hi Grant, Due to a bad experience several years ago with DCR surgery I'd be extra cautious about any type of surgery again on my eyes. In fact, I had asked my ophthalmolgist if he can close my punctums so they are 'reversible'. I didn't want cautery or plugs (since plugs fall out on me because my punctums are too large). He brainstormed and asked a few of his oculoplastic surgeon friends and came up with a solution. It's to use permanent sutures 'under the surface' of the punctums and they won't be felt during blinking nor seen. The sutures are the size of a human hair. However, I have delayed the surgery in fear something might go wrong, what if I can feel the sutures on the bottom of the inner eyelids? What if they cut through the soft mucosal tissue of the punctums (called a "cheesing" effect) when I force my eyelids open to put my Scleral lenses in? So even though it's a very easy and quick procedure, I refuse to get caught again and suffer consequences until I'm more fully informed. In fact, I'll be flying interstate to the surgeon who suggested the technique to ask further questions.

    Grant I recommend you get a second and third opinion. Also consider price - is it expensive? What do others charge? do you "really" have conjunctivochalasis? How do others treat it?

    Best of luck


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      Did you ever have the surgery Dr ****** recommended? I went down for probing and he recommeded it for me as well for my conjunctivochalasis.
      I am trying to gather information on how well it works and how much of an ordeal it is.