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Gels/drops available in the UK and Ireland

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  • Gels/drops available in the UK and Ireland

    Has anyone found a good night time gel for corneal erosions? I didn't like Lacrilube, I found it made the next day very uncomfortable for some reason. Anyway I had two corneal erosions in a row in May. Nothing since until yesterday and today when I got one in each eye. Everything that's been mentioned that I've seen on here has been discontinued or unavailable in the UK and Ireland though.
    Background: post prk sufferer, had my surgery in April, problems began a month later and have been constant pretty much since then.
    I've been using systane or blink intensive tears preservative free drops, depending on what's been available.

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    nori, there are several helpful gels in Europe- Vitapos(vitamin A), Сornerеgel (vitamin B), HYLO®-GEL.
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      Hiya, I recommend going on Amazon co uk and searching, they have a good range of night time gels with reviews from other dry eye users which have been really helpful for me.I find lacrlube is the only one that works to stop my eyes being stuck together in the morning (that with a humidifier at 65 percent, so worth getting one if you've not.)

      But every ophthalmologist I've spoken to says it's not the best choice (just the nhs choice!) and its best to use one with added vitamin like mentioned above, so it's worth changing if you can.
      People have recovered, so can we.


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        Lacrilube is great for preventing the erosions at night but the next day my eyes are irritated and even redder than normal. I looked all over in town today for the above gels but could not find them so Amazon may well be the next port of call. Thanks everyone. This dry business is no fun!


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