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    Floaters and such

    Hello Jeff - Loved your humor. Makes it all a little more bearable. The Dry Eye Zone is trying to put together a convention, so maybe we can all get together and vent. It would be great to meet everyone!


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      Originally posted by Gaye
      Hello Jeff - Loved your humor. Makes it all a little more bearable. The Dry Eye Zone is trying to put together a convention, so maybe we can all get together and vent. It would be great to meet everyone!
      I typically avoid standing too close to the vent. Always a bit drafty there


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        Not going away.... maybe lurking a bit....

        Originally posted by Jeff
        Hi rhohltjr,

        If only we would just shut up and accept OUR fate. I am not going away how about you?
        Jeff, I asked the docs about just removing the floaters from my vitrious but they said that was
        unnecessary since I could sort of see around the floater hulks and that any sort of opening
        made to the eye carried some risk.

        I accept that for now but would certainly like to see some opthalmic technology that can
        remove or disolve the floaters safely. Yeah, I'll be in line for that treatment.

        But this Lasik / Dry eye thing really has far far exceeded my floater problem.
        I honestly don't think about them or see them anymore until someone or something reminds
        me they are there. Dry eyes brought me here to this website and hopefully something can be
        discovered that will help us. It seems like there are more and more dry eye sufferers every day.

        Good luck with your coping.
        Vent on dude!
        Robert H.


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          I am 30 and I also suffer a lot from floaters. I got my Lasik around 20, then I already used to have floaters on my left eye only, after the surgery it increased from nothing to a lot on my right eye unfortunately. No it seems stable but I was recommended to get them checked yearly.

          Sometimes they could be a big pain, specially if dryness is also bothering.

          The problem is the floaters on my right eye are really in my field of vision almost all the time. For my left eye is not so bad...

          Overall I believe one should be careful on how much thought you put into this to be honest, because that only makes it worse. For example if I am reading something really catchy, I forget about it...but if I can not go through something at due to the floaters...

          I read that eventually they could dissapear....let s hope so.

          Let s hang in there


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            First of all Jeff - I totally sympathize with you I too feel that I was led astrat. I think that dry eyes were evident in my screening yet, it was minimized and that it could be easily treated, ha!

            I am not that familiar with floaters, but I had something strange happened the other day. A white dot traveled across my vision as I was reading, could this be a floater?


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              Please don't forget that some types of floaters are indicators for a retinal tear. If you see a bunch of small round dot floaters suddenly appear, get checked out by a retinal specialist.

              Having LASIK/PRK/ etc. doesn't change your basic eye health. High myopes have elongated eyes which stress the retinas - and this does not change with refractive surgery.


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                Don't know about white dots, but....

                The tiny black dots are (the shadows) of red blood cells. If you have a rain of black dots it means you've got a retinal tear and it's bleeding----maybe just a tiny bit. An occasional black dot----don't worry.

                But honkin' spidery floaters that just hang there are frustrating. I have 2 big ones in one eye and they float in opposing directions. So no matter which way I turn my eye, I've got a floater passing by.



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                  I noticed an increase in floaters roughly 5 weeks after my lasik procedure. They're very faint, but numerous and fast-moving.

                  They're so faint, that they refract light, so I see a slight shimmering effect in the daytime.

                  I'm almost 2 1/2 years post op. I'm functional. My eyes get red and itchy from time to time. Actually, I notice that the glare and halos are almost gone. I'd swear that the dry eye has something to do with it! Or maybe not. ::Sigh::

                  Back to floaters:
                  My optometrist (who did NOT refer me to a Lasik center, BTW) dilated my pupils and found no signs of retinal detachment. She commented that she didn't see any MAJOR floaters. Dang, if these are minor, I'd hate to have major ones.

                  ::Sigh:: I would love to have a laser shoot into my eyes to vaporize all those nasty floaters, but I say, "No, it isn't worth it. Not in my case." I'd have to be almost blind from them to justify such action.

                  And when a doctor says with enthusiasm, "Yes we can zap those floaters easily." I say, "Yeah right!!! And my lasik doc said that fixing my eyes would be a piece of cake."


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                    I have floaters as well (in combination with dry eye, after-images, and ghosting) -- which all started simultaneously.

                    However, I haven't had LASIK or any other eye surgery. See this thread for more:


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                      I know this thread is old, but wanted to add that I also am suffering from floaters after LASIK three months ago. Prior to surgery I remember occasionally seeing some only in very very bright conditions, and they were always clear/see through. So not bothersome. Now I have many many that are black and gray in color. And they are visible in moderate lighting conditions as well a couple I even see cross my line of vision when looking at dark surfaces. For example the floor at my gym is black, and I sometimes can see a floater or two move about when looking down at the dark floor. I first noticed them 3 days after surgery and they have only gotten worse. The dr ruled out any retinal tears or detachment so that's good. But he offered zero compassion about the floaters. At the moment this is what bothers me the most as I see them at all times of the day in various lighting conditions. My other post LASIK issues are in detail in the D'Eyealogues forum under the same user name. My dry eye pain and headaches come and go, and my night vision issues are only at night. The floaters are constant, all the time. I sure hope they will settle with time or become less bothersome. I've consulted this forum searching for help
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                        There is also a doctor in California who does laser treatment of floaters:

                        You need to be aware that certain types of floaters indicate possible retinal tearing or detachment.

                        If you suddenly see
                        a lot of small, pinpoint round floaters
                        have a dark (no image) in your visual field
                        have a very bright area in your visual field
                        these may be indications of a problem. Call your eyey doctor's emergency service and get checked out as soon as you can.