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Questions for someone who is new to dry eyes (newbie)

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  • Questions for someone who is new to dry eyes (newbie)

    This question are rather embarrassing, but I did some simple searches on this forum and wasn't able to come up with an answer.

    1st - How often or easily can contamination happen on an bottle? Let say I slightly touch the tip once? Or I slightly touch the top, but not the tip let say the side. Is assuming contamination overreacting?

    2nd - I think my dry eyes get worst when I enter my bedroom. Am I just over thinking? Using my room as the scapegoat or is this an "thought" a legitimate prediction.

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    I don't think you need to worry too much about bottle contamination if you just accidentally touched the tip. The bottles have a preservative in them. Even when one opens the bottle, there are the usual air-borne mold, yeast, and bacteria particles that can land on the tip.

    BUT, if you have an active eye infection or conjunctivitis, then you would want to discard the bottle.

    Your bedroom: might have "sources" of eye irritants. Drafts, dusty rugs, clothing, or bedding. Are there detergent fragrances or perfume residue on clothes?

    My eyes feel extra dry when I'm tired, so maybe you're tired when you spend time in your bedroom---maybe? Just a thought.



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      1. yeah i used to be more worried about contamination, lol. as calli said, it's probably more of an issue if you have some infection happening. i use preservative-free systane eye drops and i'm not particularly careful about contamination anymore, it just doesn't seem to matter a whole lot as long as you aren't really going out of your way to make it unsterile

      2. this is a very valid concern. air-flow might be worse in your room or i'd even say, depending on your circumstances there may be a psychological element to it. i've found having my condition for years on end has given it a chronic pain element.

      of all places though, i think your room should be your haven make it your perfect dry-eye playground, haha.