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Veins In Eyes

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  • Veins In Eyes

    I have always had couple of prominent veins in my eyes but they never bothered me because I had no discomfort. Now after having bleph however I have one new double stranded vein near the inside corner of one eye that comes and goes, it is attached to some old originals but some days it is much more red and other days it is faded to almost nothing. It is not necessarily that it only comes when my eyes are stingy or gritty. My eyes can be having an ok day and it still pops up but later on it vanishes. Anyone else get this ?

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    Yeah, I get that too. I get a large vein in the inner corner of my left eye from time to time. Usually when I am at the computer for a long time or am having a bad eye day. I notice that when my eyes are feeling good and moist the vein goes away.


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      undecided vein

      Hello Dave,
      Yes, it's weird.


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        I have those too, when my allergies are bad my eyes get red and the veins get prominent and my eyes hurt...I have a few veins that I am used to that NEVER go away . The other veins disappear to almost nothing when I'm having a "good day" without allergies and bad dryness.