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Anti-vegf therapy for eye blood vessels

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  • Anti-vegf therapy for eye blood vessels

    Since a bout of contact lens wearing, I have noticed a lot of permanent eye veins in my eyes. In addition my eyes seem to turn red much more easily since the growth of these new eye vessels. I've seen a lot of dry eye sufferers on this forum suffering from the same problem.

    I have browsed through this forum and found a lot of information about red eye veins. Apparently it seems that anti-vegf therapy is a supposedly effective and 'safer' possible form of treatment for red eyes in the future. I say 'safer' because it supposedly doesn't cause glaucoma or cataract and it's most likely going to be in the form of eye drops rather than being in the form of surgery. Due to concern about my eye veins and curiosity, i have searched the web and done my research to find out more about the subject.

    However, I am a bit curious as to why there hasn't been many papers published about trials conducted to test its efficacy and its side effects on conjunctival neovascularization ( or in other words the permanent eye veins and redness in the eye). So far i have only read one paper which states how anti-vegf was used to reduce the vessels in the conjunctiva after pterygium surgery. It was only a case study not a clinical trial. Is it because the companies that produce these drugs unwilling to market it for such a purpose? Does anybody know if there will be anti-vegf therapy available for red eyes sometime in the future? Will it still be a long time away?

    I have also read up about this gs-101 eye drop developed by Gene Signal. Apparently, it's currently being used for corneal neovascularization. Does anybody know much about this drug? Does it work for eye redness as well?
    Does anybody has any other information or thoughts about any other drugs in development for this condition?
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    I know your post is old. But heres a study indicating the effectivness of this for dry eye. I think this treatment is already available for Wet MD, that means another 10 years and it might or might not be available for dry eye Sorry i just have no hope for dry eye anymore.
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