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Thera Tears question?.

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  • Thera Tears question?.

    Hi, I'm in the process of going through all the different 'dry eye' preservative free drops to find which one works best?. Ive just purchased the 'Thera tears' 24x 0.6ml single vials, and on the box in a yellow banner it reads "for immediate and soothing relief" and below it the dutch translation. Then proceeds to mention 'contact lens' wear.

    Upon further inspection there is also a 'Thera tears' preservative free 32x vial option as well, and it reads on the box (instead of the above) "FOR DRY EYE RELIEF"..

    My question is? does anyone know if the 24x (contact lens)and 32x (dry eye relief) preservative free vials are the very same thing, just a different box, or have i bought the wrong ones ... BOTH box's mention "patented eloctrolyte balance formula"...
    Any help would be appreciated and may save me buying a second box and throwing away the 1st box...

    I dont use contact lenses and suffer from dry eye...

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    Colin, They are the same. In the US they require different labeling. Artificial tears are not "approved" for contact lens use.


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      Thank's for Quick reply indrep appreciated!.

      This maybe a Dumb question!.. but here goes...

      This is the box i have.......
      Can any other European Thera tears users confirm that this is the box they use? where as the U.S style box (see pic in next reply) is the very same drops, as ive no-need for contact lens use despite the box i have reads "For immediate and soothing relief, lubrication and rewetting of eyes AND CONTACT LENSES in cases of dryness,burning, or ocular fatigue caused by dust, pollen or overwork" with Dutch translation below it.

      Many Thank's, Colin.
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        Where-as this is The very same drops, but as indrep kindly advises me is the U.S style box..
        Which is 32x 0.65ml preservative free vials- instead of my (European) box of 24x 0.6ml preservative free vials..

        I was confused, as this U.S pic/box clearly states "Soothing dry-eye relief that works".

        Many thank's..
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