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Dryer/more irritation after 2 weeks of using drops with BK?

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  • Dryer/more irritation after 2 weeks of using drops with BK?


    I used to be addicted to vaso constrictors (for almost 3 years). Redness started because of the use of Accutane which I later discovered affected my meibomian glands. In 2009 I stopped the use of them and since I have used them as less as possible.

    I was on vacations for 15 days aprox from late December to January 15th and as consequence of bad sleeping, alcohol consumption, etc I had to use vasoconstrictors drops because I would wake up with really red eyes that wouldn`t got better through the day.

    As soon as I came back and after the first night of sleeping well my eyes recovered and didn`t need the vasoconstrictors again.

    Even though, in my right eye (which is my "bad" eye, it dries and irritates more than the left) I have noticed that when it gets dry an area which didn`t use to got irritated, now it does (I always have a little of irritation on my eyes, some veins, etc). I also feel it a little more drier than before.

    Could the use of vasoconstrictors for 15 days provoke a worsening in dryness or a worsening in some vessels? After using those drops for almost 3 years I can`t think of how either the dryness or either the irritation could have gotten worse by using them a couple of weeks once a day.

    Reading about it, I have seen that BK is a poison but could it be the responsible for this worsening? even though I used them only a couple of weeks? If so, what thing in my eye could have been affected? the lipid layer, the mucine layer, the aquous layer or what else? It is permanent the damage caused by BK or it`s reversible?

    btw, are ther any medications (of course not eye drops) that could help with eye irritation? (I used Omega 3 some years ago and it helped with redness, I am going to try it again maybe)

    thank you