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What has Helped You Most with Redness

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  • What has Helped You Most with Redness

    Hi All
    So I know redness bothers a lot of people on this site and I would like to know what has helped most with this issue and I think others would as well. Anyone have any good advice? the things that have helped me most are: Steriods (obviously) , and serum. I know this shouldn't be the issue most worried about, but that aside it is still an annoying, self defeating part of this disease...
    Any tips from anyone who has helped clear the eyes up??

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    1,000 of vitamin c helped some. I do not have mgd.


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      I'm currently taking the vit C, but only have one eye thats super red from time to time, it doesn't hurt or anything but feels kinda different than the other eye. This is a good post I will check back here often to see what others have suggested. Thanks for the question.


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        I was wondering about this today, Faith. The redness on the whites of my eyes is much better, but I am almost always inflamed to some degree on the inside edges of my eyelids. (Where the meibomian glands run.) The one thing that really helps this is a warm compress. It seems to make the redness fade away, but then in awhile it returns. I cannot figure out why it disappears and then returns, but wish I knew.