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cosmetic eye whitening complication

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  • cosmetic eye whitening complication

    Necrotizing scleritis as a complication of cosmetic eye whitening procedure. from PubMed.

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    This is a very interesting article. Thanks Kurt. I actually downloaded the full article. I wonder if Dr Boxer-Wachler had used amniotic membrane transplant instead of just leaving the sclera bare, maybe this would be a safer technique. I think there's a doc who developed a Rejuveneyes procedure who does this. But nobody every comments on the efficacy of that procedure since very few patients have done it.
    I've done some reading on pterygium and pinguecula surgery, and necrotizing scleritis is a possible complications of any of these procedures too. Its even called SINS surgically induced necrotizing scleritis. So this seems to be why so many eye docs push people away from these surgeries too, to them one has to be pretty distraught over cosmetic appearance or be suffering vision distortions before they undergo these surgeries.

    A note to other forum members: anyone know of of someone who had the Rejuveneyes procedure?


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      There was a Dr. Gulani in Florida who performed an eye whitening procedure with amniotic membrane transplant on two former posters, but their experience turned out horribly. Not sure if it was the procedure or the doctor, but there are some pictures online at redeyezone and their eyes looked 10 times worse after the surgery than before. One guy went to Dr. Kim in Korea to fix the damage that Dr. Gulani did on his eyes; and Dr. Kim did a pretty good job of fixing it, although not perfect but at least it doesn't look deformed like right after Dr. Gulani's surgery. The other lady, Cindy, went to Dr. BW to fix her eyes. Don't know how hers turned out but she got one eye done first and I think it turned out decent because she posted that she was flying back to get her right eye done by Dr. BW.

      Anyhow, I too think the amniotic membrane addition to this surgery may benefit some people, but you have to find a reputable doctor who can perform it. I just looked up Dr. Gulani and his online rating is like a 2 out of 5. Have to do your homework and not pick any mad scientist doctor just because they are good at self promotion.


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        Darkhorse: thanks for the information. Do you have any links to these 2 bad cases? I found the link to one of the patients you referred to:

        But there's no mention of what procedure she had done or whether there was AMT grafted. I wonder how much mitomycin c these patients received after there procedure. Because this would be the key to getting a white appearance, but it also leads to the potential for necrosis.

        Dr Scott Tunis apparently uses amniotic membrane in his eye whitening procedure I asked anyone about their experiences with this forum, but no one responded. By the way, online ratings are actually not reflective of the quality of a doctor. I know this from first hand experience. Its hard to really know how good a doctor is, except if you can directly talk to former patients or physicians who are colleagues in the field of interest. Anyone can make up postings on rating's websites.
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