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Permanent red veins in sclera layer

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  • Permanent red veins in sclera layer

    Any advice or similar stories appreciated

    I have a couple of prominent red veins in my eyes, which my opthamologist has told me are vortex/vorticose veins at the scleral level of my eye. Apparently veins nearer to the surface (on the conjunctiva) can be treated with laser ablation, but because the vortex veins are there to drain the eye, he didn't know of any surgeons that have treated them, particularly for something that's just cosmetic.

    My eyes occassionally get uncomfortable/dry with air conditioning etc, and this makes the veins more prominent, but are otherwise healthy. I wore contacts for years before laser surgery 3 years ago, but couldn't honestly say that the contacts caused the veins - since I've had them for as long as I can remember.

    Any thoughts, treatment suggestions or similar experiences?