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Any update on Dipyridamole?

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  • Any update on Dipyridamole?

    Does anyone have any update on this drop that is used for pterygium/redness removal? Here is link to the drop's website

    I know there was a topic already going on here about this drop, but I wanted to bring it back into relevance, and see if anyone has any updates on their progress taking it, or if you have knowledge about where it is in the clinical trials process. As with many others, I'm always looking out for potential cures for ocular rosacea/mgd/dry eye. I'm only a 23 year old guy and have many more things to worry about than red eyes. The thought of having to do compresses, lid scrubs, fish oil , humidifier, moisture goggles just to "maintain" is horrifying. No one should have to suffer from this, there has to be a way to cure it with a drop. My personal opinion is that not enough research has/is being done to change it. Instead the medical/pharmaceutical industry is fine with robbing us year after year on drops that don't work, therapy sessions , and telling us we have to "manage" it. Until you have to deal with it than you don't know what it's like.

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    I've been using them on and off since last November. I honestly can't say if they are working or not. I definitely have rebound redness and these seem to be the only thing that might work to reverse it. It took years of abusing vasoconstrictors to cause the rebound redness, so Id imagine it will take time to reverse the damage ( assuming the dipyridamole drops work).
    My biggest issue with the drops is the expense really. I've consulted with professionals and they think the drops wont cause any actual damage, so they are worth trying.

    At the moment Im trying to treat any underlying conditions such as blepharitis and dry eye. I'm attending the "dry eye centre" in london next week and may try the IPL treatment.
    I may go back on the Dipyridamole after, as I feel the cost is justified given the impact my shitty eyes are having on my life.


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      Hi there. I'm new to this forum and to my diagnosed (blepharitis and ping) and am wondering why it has all gone so quiet about these drops considering the pages of excitement I've been reading through that seem to go up to the end of last year. Are all of those people that started using the drops now cured?! Or did something go wrong?! Would love to know. Am seeing a new opthomologist in a few weeks and will be asking his advice on them. There have been some new case studies printing and it seems there has been some good success. I've sent the poor man hundreds of articles to read in advance of me getting there. Will post back. Besos


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        Really interested to hear how you get on!


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          Hi Sharon. Nice to (virtually) meet you! Have you been taking the drops? I'm in the UK. Whereabouts are you? Were you part of the original talk about this where there was a woman called Claire who posted a lot on her success? I've personal messaged her but no response. I guess she doesn't use this forum anymore.


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            No havent tried them but wondering how people who did try them got on
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              Sorry to say it but I think these drops are a scam, and "Claire" was probably not a real dry eye patient either. This drop is used to inhibit blood clots by causing the dilation of blood vessels, the exact opposite of what we want. I even confirmed it with a reputable ophthalmologist, who said it's nonsense. There are no med pubs on this item, probably a hoax.


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                BigApple - how dare you say I am a fraud. The dipyridamole conversation got taken down because Rebecca - the moderator - said she wanted to review the convo but never did. The convo moved to

                I am a real person. I am not a PR representative. I was a girl desperate to resolve her eye redness and did. I have posted pics and have gave hours of my time explaining to others what I've been through. I suffer heavily from depression and want to move on from the hell which was my life last year. Which is why I'm staying off this forum. You can read my story in that link.

                MedInSight (who produce this drop) are not a commercial cooperation. They are a team of scientists looking for medical solutions and these new drops are making waves in opthmology

                I am not a scientist. I'm just a girl. So please any medical concerns direct to She's very helpful.

                My eyes aren't dry anymore. Redness reduced to 60%. I am deleting my account after this as all I've tried to do is help people by sharing my experience and I've had people like you BigApple making out that I'm a liar.

                Good luck to everyone.
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                  Everything you need to read about my experience:


                  Page 119


                  Suggest you do some research/reading before you take one opths opinion as the holy word BigApple.

                  Last post from me. Please respect my reasons for not wishing to post further.


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                    I'm really sorry you're upset Claire. It seems that there is so much distrust and bad experiences and general panic on this forum. I try to stay away from it myself but like you, would definitely want to post something that others might find useful. I'm glad things have worked out well for you with the drops. It's so difficult to not become obsessed with it but I think that really is the answer, once all the research and options have been explored. It's an annoying condition but everyone has something, if not now then at some other time. Good luck with your life beyond the forum!


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                      Hello. I just wanted to update. I've now see the top consultant at moorfields eye hospital london. I paid. He's not convinced that a vasco dilator would be the answer. He also questioned why someone hasn't already put up the money for the clinical trials given that dry eye is such a big business. I've decided against trying the drops. I saw people at the clinic who have major eye concerns and I want to try to keep this in perspective. It's tiring to keep searching when there is no apparent solution. And the consultant told me that actually most people have pinguecula to varying degrees, even in the uk. So that's me signing out for now. Good luck to you all!


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                        Hi, just wondering if anyone has had success with these? Or if anyone has a contact email address for Claire? I appreciate she doesn’t want to post on the forum and I understand why. I would just love to ask a few questions