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BAK - in non-eye products

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  • BAK - in non-eye products

    I was looking up BAK and alarmed to see it's in other products - even mouthwashes and then I checked out a nasal spray I have been prescribed (on repeat prescription) from my doctor for sinus irritation and I was horrified to see it has Benzalkonium Chloride in it. Seeing as my sinus and eye problems are both present, and seeing as the two are clearly referenced together by some resources, this is alarming.

    I pretty much hardly use it anyway as I understood such sprays can induce dependency on same but now it's going in the bin.

    I'm wondering if this has probably not helped me at all on the eye front seeing as the nasal cavity and eye ducts are linked...Or maybe there's nothing to worry about. Still, it's going in the bin, now...!!
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