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17 year old, suffers often red eyes

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  • 17 year old, suffers often red eyes

    Hi all,

    Am a 17 year old student living in London (UK) and I've had this issue for 2-3 years now.

    Whenever I wake in the morning to go to school my eyes are fairly red - no matter how much sleep I get - and they get progressively worse as the day goes on.

    My eyes will also regularly burn and feel sore as the day goes on as they just feel really bad. I also get large numbers of floaters in the eyes (though this isn't anything to be concerned by apparently).

    Also I find that I have to squint all the time as my eyes feel very sensitive to light. This is annoying as much as anything.

    As anyone who has this will testify it's not brilliant, obviously I get all the questions about being stoned or whatever so I just want to get something done to limit the symptoms.

    I've been to the doctor who looked at the eyes, agreed they were red and referred me to the optician. They examined my eyes and did not find anything wrong with my vision or anything untoward. SUggested it may be an allergy of some sort.

    To be honest I'm not overly worried about other symptoms, I just want to find the cause of the eye redness and put a stop to that more than anything, it's the most irritating thing ever.

    Been reading up recently on the symptoms of dry eye and have found a lot of what I suffer with correlates to that, so I'm wondering if that would be the likely diagnosis? If so, what's the best way forward, and if not, what do you think it could be?

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    I'm sorry but my post probably won't make you feel better. I went through (and still am!) experiencing extreme redness 24/7 since I've been around 15 years old, I'm 20 now. I've seen numerous doctors and have tried everything it seems. The best advice I can give is see many doctors and once you've tried something and doesn't work, at least you are one step closer to figuring out your problem. It's a long process but I keep telling myself someday I'll find a cure. Let me know if you find anything that seems to help!


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      I'd get tested for allergies and see if anything comes up. I live in the US and there are several different types of tests you can take for allergies. Also, make sure to find a doctor that is helpful to you and who really wants to find the cause of your problem. A good doctor can make a huge difference. I hope this helps.


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        What is your facial skin like? Could you have rosacea? I ask as most people who have it are from your part of the world, or there people came frvom your part of the world.

        What is your diet like. Start taking Omega 3 oils, always a good thing.



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          red eyes

          One thing that many people do not realize is todays world is different than years ago - there are thousand of toxins in the aid that were not present many years ago - flourescent light bothered my eyes -

          Try this -get some blink tears - put them in on your way to school and see if they help - I never could figure out if mine was dry eye - I am 49 now - but I had same issue when I was your age...

          Many factors cause red eyes - stress, air quality and lighting - have the optomologist do a shimmers test for dryness -