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esterdial/progesterone/dhea ??

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  • esterdial/progesterone/dhea ??

    I am scared to try this but was wondering if any women out there have and if it helped their eyes?

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    I have been on Estradiol, .5 for a few years now and it helped with hormonal symptoms. I was told that maybe I needed to have a saliva test to see if I needed progesterone and testosterone. I did the saliva test and found out I was low on both. The estrogen was fine, due to the Estradiol I was on. I started using the cream prescribed by my Dr. and filled thru a compounding pharmacist. After 3 months, I didn't see any difference. I was hoping that it would help with the dry eye. Just decided, along with my Dr. to quit it. It was a bit disheartening to not get any better results. I was advised to take DHEA, which I was low on. I take 25 mg. a day. I also take 4000 mg. of ProOmega (omega 3-fish oil).


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      testing now

      Hi there, thanks for the PM's lately, finally I can try to help someone else!

      I went to a naturopathic and she's been testing me for low hormones, etc. I'm on the lower end of normal, but she said everyone's "normal" might be a bit different so my results may show low levels for me. In other words, she gave me progesterone cream to try out for a couple of weeks. If it makes a big difference then she would give me some of the estradol (spelling)! I wouldn't worry about trying it out, I would only worry if it worked because then you'd have to worry about long term effects

      I'd get yourself tested though first.



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        I have been on birth control pills and DHEA for some time. I have gone off the birth control pills and then resumed them. My DES flared when I went off them, and flared again for a while after I resumed them. For me it is the change in hormones (going off or restarting) that seems to make my DES flare. I don't find any relief of my DES with taking the hormones and DHEA.
        Every day with DES is like a box of chocolates...You never know what you're going to get.