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those who use testosterone drops or cream-help lacrimal glands too?

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  • those who use testosterone drops or cream-help lacrimal glands too?

    i know these are supposed to help the meibomian glands and keep them open.. however i was reading somewhere a doc saying they helped the lacrimal glands too? does anyone know? i tried testosterone 2% cream in the past and it didnt seem to do anything... but i am thinking of trying to get my doc to prescribe it or a drop for me to try again...this is a dif doc as my other doc retired... and when i asked him about it on my last apt he just kind of looked at me so i am thinking he isnt on board with prescribing it.

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    I personally believe there is a definite correlation from everything I have read. Menopausal women (over 50) are the majority of sufferers because their androgen (testosterone) levels are low. Testosterone cream is less effective than are sublingual or the pellet delivery system. Go to someone who specializes in Bio-identical hormone therapy BHRT. Have your hormone levels tested. It may well be that your testosterone is low. The good news it that when you get on the right amount, you will not only more than likely get rid of your dry eye, but feel better in every way. Hormone balancing is key yo good health as we age. Dr. Steven ****** who wrote "Reversing Dry Eye Syndrome" also says there is a correlation as well.

    This doctor sites the actual studies on this subject:


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      I continue to use T cream around my eyelids despite the fact I don't think it's doing much. I'm male, but have intracellular low Testosterone, and normal serum levels of Testosterone. Serum levels of T is what a doctor would test for and is not an accurate diagnosis because it's 'bound to SHBG' and is thus inactive. Only 'Free and unbound Testosterone" is active and best tested in the cells. Testosterone is working inside the cells, not the blood, it's not rocket science. Free testosterone is best tested via Saliva.

      I also use Bioidentical Testosterone and DHEA. Best treat from the inside and out.